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News Update(s) :

12.12 From Pastor Jimmy and Gerry Brown in Samar

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12.6 From Pastor Jimmy Morales:

A little Philippines update for you guys who are praying for the work there:

1. The rebar for the first columns is up at the church in Hernani and the foundation is poured. This is causing no small stir in the community. People are REALLY excited.

2. It is the 1st thing in the area to be rebuilt. The entire community is coming by to lend a hand.

3. The team put up a sign in front of the church that says, "U-Turn For Christ Calvary Chapel will Rise Soon". The neighbors are inspired.

4. They all want help rebuilding their own homes. The opportunities are incredible.

5. The workers are all using hand tools to do the work. The only power tool they have among them are a couple of cordless drills. Gerry says it is like Amish church building to watch them work together so beautifully.

6. Gerry is scheduled to come home on December 12th. His son Joshua will be relieving him. Glenn Cole is also on his way there. He leaves from LAX today, and should be there by early next week.

7. Several teams are on the ground helping with the work. Currently, there are two teams there. The goal is to keep them going throughout the next several months and years.

8. The church building at Borongan has a roof. The next project will be the kitchen which is waiting for Glenn to arrive.

9. Calvary Chapel Dumaguete and Calvary Chapel Training Center are planning a "Christmas in Hernani" outreach on December 18th. Please keep that in prayer.

If any of you want to send a team or get more involved, please go to the Go/Give/Serve section of this website and fill out the form and we will contact you:

12:2 From Pastor Gerry Brown via CC Lone Mountain

Date: December 2, 2013 at 12:37:40 PM EST

Lots of stuff to give thanks for this past Thanksgiving weekend:

1. The roof is almost finished in Borongan. It was a huge project, but they started putting metal on the roof last week.

2. The construction on the church in Hernani is waiting for more funds before we begin, BUT the team asked a road crew if they could borrow their grader for clearing the property. We had a heavy equipment operator on the Washington team. The road crew said "no" but instead they came out to the property with all of their equipment. They graded the property and dug the footings for the church in about two hours. This would have been about a month worth of work. They did it for free. WOW!

3. We are still the only ones doing any type of feeding in Hernani. The governor of Hernani asked if we would start feeding the people twice a day instead of only once. They love us there and many people are getting saved through this ministry.

4. The Superintendent of Schools said that we could keep the school for as long as we are doing the feeding ministry. He gave Gerry a letter stating such saying also that he looked forward to a long term relationship with us.

5. The relief supplies from Calvary Chapel Training Center (CCTC) in Dumaguete arrived last week. It was enough food for 1,150 families for 5 days and non-food supplies for 1,707 families. (9 tons worth of goods). The military transported it for us for free. The team handed out relief goods to 250 or so families last week. Hundreds of people gave their lives to the Lord as a result of the feeding and the relief work.

6. I wasn't real clear on how this happened because of the challenges of satellite phones, but somehow the relief work and feeding resulted in the team doing a Bible study in a little town north of Borongan named San Julian. Many gave their lives to the Lord there. Gerry asked if they had a Bible teaching church in town and they said they did not. He committed to doing weekly Bible studies there with them. It looks like we just birthed Calvary Chapel San Julian.

Prayer request: We need ongoing support for the work there. We can easily keep teams busy for the next few years. We also need people to pray about moving out there and doing some long term ministry. There are going to be tons of opportunities to disciple new believers, raise up church leaders, run orphanages, counsel, and do relief work.

Here is a slideshow of some of the relief work put together by the staff at the CCTC:


God bless you guys. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Nov 29th From Pastor Gerry Brown:

Feeding and Rebuilding

We are still only able to communicate with our teams via Satellite phones with no internet access. Pastor Gerry reported that local government officials have embraced us with open arms and are asking to expand the feeding program. We have been asked to provide 2 meals a day to school children in two barangay. Currently we are, with the help of our friends, Mercy Chefs, providing rice and purified drinking water. A couple of water purifiers are in country with more on the way. The roof on the church at Lalawigan is framed and ready to be covered. Also a government road construction crew with heavy equipment donated some time and cleared the cite of what used to be CC Hernani. Gerry said it saved us several weeks of work and will enable us to begin rebuilding the church soon. Thank to all of you for your continued prayers and support..

From Fellow Philippine Brother(s):

11.19 -Jeffrey Santos -5:39 AM (4 hours ago)

to al, me

Hello Sir Bro,

"Maraming Salamat" sir Al, for what i seen in the news were so blessed and thankfull because God is making his way in the present of people like you and to all country who are sharing their part to help my countrymen, our faith has put in the test but we never gave up we know that God is watching on us, im happy because were moving on with this tragedy, as i see day by day the help is still comming our prayer has been answer, thank you very much for being a part of God's army...Take care and Godbless...

Best Regards,


Calvary Chapel in Lone Mountain Nevada (Pastor Jummy Morales)..and U Turn for Christ (Pastor Gerry Brown) are leading the efforts to secure a location for setting up distribution and relief efforts in the Philippines.

They have sent a team of (10) out to "scout out the land" and start working out the very difficult logistical issues. Communications will be slow... but we all know "God is in control"...Here are the latest updates from the team:

Latest update from Team on the ground morning Nov 15th :

1.The team arrived in Borongan safely. The church in Borongan was destroyed, as well as the members' houses.

2.They are doing clearing of the roads so their vehicle can get through road blocks to Hernani (town between Borongan and Guiuan in Eastern Samar) where another CC U-turn church is.

3.In Hernani, in the whole community (barangay), there are only at least 10 mid-upper classreasobably built houses partially standing.

4.Here are the supplies being requested for team to get from Dumaguete or Cebu to Samar:

•fuel - I am still working on a special permit for this, as we have tried going directly to Cokaliong, but they won't allow us to.

•5-gallon fuel comtainers

•heavy duty rakes, shovels, saws and bolo knives


•for the team: power bars, ready-to-eat snacks, first aid kits, light rain coats for the Filipino volunteers and working gloves

•water purifiers

of course, lots of prayers

Prayer List: From Team to Pastor Morales

I am wiring the funds to cover all of Gerry's immediate needs plus the money to cover emergency food relief in Legazpi.

I got an email from Dave Matthews saying that he has folks there that are in trouble - 15 families homeless, many going hungry. Apparently, the government is not assisting them because their barangay (community) voted for the opposing candidate in the last elections. Whatever. I will update you all further as the information comes out.

Pastors in Samar for prayer lists:

Ptr Lemuel Yabor / Borongan / Eastern Samar

Ptr Angel Ambal / Borongan / Eastern Samar

Ptr Angel Ambal / Hernani / Eastern Samar

Ptr. Ron Brown / Calbayog /Western Samar

Ptr Wads Guerrera / Catbalogan / Western Samar

On Monday, the 18th, from local donations, we will be able to take with us 20 sacks of rice, boxes of canned goods, boxes of bottled water, candles, soap, clothing, bedding... Praise God that once again Cokaliong Shipping did not charge us for all of these. We are still working on how to take the Pasajero jeepney there. Cokaliong said that the port in Calbayog won't allow them to carry vehicles as the seaport has weakened due to the last earthquake.

The other goal for this trip is to get military support for our volunteers and future US teams. My "bridge" to the military officials here told me to also try the US Marines, since some of them are already deployed in Samar. Maybe someone there in the US can look into this also, or just give us a name to look for.

Once we have military support, then we will transport the Pasajero jeepney via boat to Leyte, then to Samar.

Ptr Jerry Timagos / Calbayog / Western Samar

On Nov 11, 2013, at 6:38 PM, Jimmy Morales wrote:

Just got this from Dyna in Dumaguete:

The US team are in Manila and will fly to Cebu around 9:00 AM. They will leave for Samar by overnight boat from Cebu on Wednesday evening. While in Cebu, they will be preparing food items to take with them to Samar, along with the 3 Calvary Chapels in Cebu (CC Cebu, CC Mactan and Shepherds Heart).

Here in Dumaguete, 2 CCBC alumni will join the group, along with our intern whose father is a U-turn Pastor in Eastern Samar. They will be bringing the first batch of relief items, mainly clothing, bedding and candles, and possibly medicines. We are looking into sending another group from Dumaguete after the US team have assessed the situation in Samar.

We are also looking into mobilizing the CCs in South Luzon also in these relief efforts, as the Lord provides.

I just got off the phone with Ptr Ron Brown and he agrees that is better to purchase and repack the relief goods in Cebu since they too are running low on supplies in Calbayog, Western Samar. So far, the communications are slowly being restored in some areas, Pastor Lemuel traveled across from Eastern Samar to Western Samar to contact us. So far, among the church body there, only 1 casualty. The church building is reported to be very destroyed, and the lack of food supplies and basic necessities are very much needed.

The official count of casualties as of this morning has reached to 1,774 and 82 missing. The count is believed to still rise as many isolated areas have not been reached yet. Since the affected areas in Leyte are major cities, the government is concentrating in these areas, while most of Samar are getting very much attention.

Specific things to pray for:

  • Safe passage of the team from Western Samar to Eastern Samar - provision of PNP escort if possible
  • Sufficient supply of fuel for their travel
  • Wisdom and strength for those organizing the repacking of relief items
  • Wisdom and provision for travel of medical volunteers and ministers
  • Also here is a direct email from a Philippine firend of mine who lives 1 hour outside Manila... Hear his heart in his email ....and pray for his people that they will see the "goodness of God in the land of the living" - Psalm 27:13

    From Jeff Santos:

    Jeffrey Santos 7:02 AM (4 hours ago)

    to me, al

    Hello sir AL, how are you? i hope your doing fine and okay, im here in the company right now because we prepare the relief goods that will deliver to Samar Leyte, we made this contribution in our all emplyee to buy some can goods, noddles and bottled waters, some are bring their old cloths and toys for the children and especially we have a mass a while ago to pray our brothers and sisters who suffer from this calamity, by the way how's your Ministry doing? pls. tell them that we appriciate all the effort and kindness that they gave, may the good Lord blessed you all. Thank you sir AL and take care.

    Best regards,


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